Spearheading An African Time Through Screenplay

Storytelling is an integral piece to African history. This is an African Time and we want to be at the spearhead of telling our stories, our way. Open Film Festival (previously CarPark OpenAir Cinema) intends to use the power of storytelling not only to entertain but also to motivate and hopefully to serve as a neutral ground for filmmakers, creatives and all round film appreciators to converge at a space and appreciate our storytelling as African Filmmakers.

Rebranding into our new phase, we explore the traditional by the ‘fire the side’ storytelling techniques and employ our traditional roots into a modern but yet casual atmosphere. Having an open air cinema in replica to our forefathers but also a more conversational approach with creators and collaborators of films screen. Delving deeper into the minds of these filmmakers and having a more personal contact with the creator and his audience. 

We believe African Film needs to be seen by an African Audience hence the Open Film Festival.

Considering the times we are in, we would be running a closed call of close to 50 attendees so it’s possible to contact trace when need be but also to maintain all necessary COVID protocols. 

We at Open Film Festival are excited to partner with you on this and we hope it’s the beginning of more collaborations to bring African Short Films to African Audiences.

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